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Beckham Report

Yesterday the Beckhams hit NY's Macy's for their His&Hers fragrance line release event with 2,000 screeching fans waiting for them under the drip-dropping rain. David Beckham looked dapper as usual with a vintage looking Tom Ford gray and brown pin stripe suit. Victoria being the fashion icon that she is stole the fashion lime light of course by hitting the event hard with a mini Giambattista Valli dress and the official show stopping Antonio Berardi thigh-high latex heel-less boots.
I previously posted some heels from this risk taking designer *click here for the post*.
This Whole Heel-Less revolution started with Marc Jacobs in his S/S '08 when he had his models strut in backwards heels. The rest, as they say, is history. Well ladies you'll have to learn how to walk all over again!

Usher's Lingerie

Mr. Raymond is now supposedly a unisex lingerie designer. He declared this surprisingly interesting news at Marlies Dekkers's show in Paris yesterday. I personally don't know how to take this. Some of his pieces can be seen in his up coming "Trading Places" video. I'll most def be on the look out for them. Nonetheless I'm actually anticipating some very sexy ladies pieces but as for mens...I'm honestly scared! Only due to the fact that lingerie for men is somewhat un-heard of. Like serioulsy what is Usher going to showcase? G-strings, but-less boxer briefs, the always funny CockSocks for men? Whatever it is im at the edge of my seat waiting to see what my once favorite male singer delivers.


Re-Re Outfit: Kelly Rowland

So the old DC3 member was caught making the biggest mistake anybody in the ruthless limelight can commit. She was photographed wearing the same Roberto Cavalli strapless mini dress to 2 different events. Whats even funnier is that she wore this dress originally in 2006 and then to Cavalli's S/S 2009 fashion show! I'm sorry that's just not acceptable. I guess her stylist though about recycling and figured it qualified as a vintage piece after 2 yrs. WRONG!! lol She still looked fab though. But when did she wear it the best is the ultimate question. I Personally love the all black and hint of gold ensemble.
Photo: ConcreteLoop

"Many Moons" By: Janelle Monae

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Model Lookout: Devin Jackson

Lets not talk about how infatuated I am with Devin Jackson. I had to scavenge through very old post from Red Models N.Y Modeling Management Co. but I found enough pictures of him to satisfy my curiosity. His playful and youthful essence just shines through every picture; yet he has a sick sex appeal that attracts anybody. I'm left wanting a lot more from him.


S'Mac is Life

If your a Mac N'Cheese lover as much as I am then you would appreciate this small exciting eatery located in the heart of Manhattan's East Village (345 East 12Th Street, between 1st and 2nd avenues to be exact). They have a small menu considering all they sell is Mac N'Cheese but that menu is so packed with flavor its not even funny. Owners Sarita & Caesar Ekya came up with the concept while hanging out at another comfort food restaurant. Ironic no? Check it out yourself at their website. I usually always get the Buffalo Chicken in the Major Munch size, its spicy as hell but I live.


At one point Ana Wintour was asked if Vogue would ever consider being apart of Project Runway but she politely and firmly declined because she believed that Vogue wasn't about showcasing the struggles of new designers and just wasn't interested in reality T.V. Oh that most definitely changed when Model.Live was released in August 2008. This 12 (eight minute each) episode show, which is only shown online, will follow the lives of 3 developing models from IMG modeling agency; 16-year-old Austria Alcantara from the Dominican Republic, 20-year-old American Madeline Kragh, and 19-year-old Dutch model Cato van Ee. It better be good ( i just got into it) because Vogue is coughing up $3 Million (about $31,000) an episode to produce this
*here are some of the episodes so far*
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Bringing Black Back

So Chanel Iman hit the Gucci runway during Milan's S/S 2009 Fashion week. Nothing out of the ordinary right? WRONG!!! she was the first black girl to walk for the fashion house in 5 years!! Gagger isn't it? Last time this was seen Tom Ford was Creative Director for Gucci. Frida Giannini (Current CD) should be ashamed of herself! Anyway she smashed the runway like only Chanel I. knows how to.
Wait though Jourdan Dunn has to get some shine as well. This leading blk female model also made press when she hit the Prada Catwalk last season. It was 10yrs prior that another black female graced Prada's Runway. That lady was Naomi Campbell.



I don't personal live for the outerwear line Moncler. Mainly due to so many "Hoodlumz" buying them in NYC. But put the infamous 7 letter word in front of Moncler and you'll get a definite must have for any mans closet. Oh V*I*N*T*A*G*E is the 7 letter word by the way. I introduce to you Moncler's limited edition vintage biker jacket

Time 2 Gear Up: Fall Outerwear

Fall's Have-2-Have: Outerwear

  1. Opening Cerymony

  2. Erik Hart

  3. Erik Hart

  4. Fremont

  5. Raf by Raf Simmons

  6. Mike & Chris

Chek it out:

Love Unconditional

Unconditional is dope!...Enough said honestly. I'm infatuated with how they take a regular day-2-day men's piece, like a simple white button up, and turn into something edgy and appealing to they eye. My mission is get at least 5 pieces from them!
1. White Bondage Shirt
2. Ghost Hoodie
3. Draped Neck Sweater
4. Cutout Crew Sweater

Check it out:

The Case of the Missing Panties!



I personally think she actually went through with a nude photo shoot and is ashamed to admit it after she saw the pictures. Nonetheless I love my some Ciara.

Model Lookout: Shawn Sutton

Im lovin Brooklyn born Shawn Sutton .

The Elevator



Aubrey O’Day...Wifey Or Trifey?

I honestly live for Ms. O'Day. Shes like the black sheep you can't help but fall in love with. Her outfits are always ridiculed by the press yet shes in high demand by Broadway producers. The 24 year old Danity Kane front woman was obviously recruited by Diddy for her abundance in talent and her lack of fear towards being overexposed. Shes the official bad girl of 08 in my book after this Complex mag spread. Get into the Interview.


Guess what?...

Guess whose going solo?
I wasn't completely surprised but totally excited to know that its actually happening. Dawn from Diddy's Danity Kane is hitting the solo wagon up in style. She was always my favorite; talent wise. I'm ready to hear her alone with no back up. Shes eating it in her photo shoot BTW. That lace Cat suit and skyscraper heels combo is giving me everything.

Sneak Fanatic

Clae has some really poppin sneaks. Their designed after classics that are then splashed with a modern twist. I personally love the blk&white ones as well as the brown ones.

Every dude needs a pair of solid colored sneaks. Ive been looking for some dope all red ones and I finally found them on from designer Gourmet.

Crooks & Castles

I'm loving this brand rite now. Crooks & Castles is urban chic for guys! Even though a lot of their t-shirts have the undeniably recognizable Chanel logo they still get props for having super dope designs.

^^^Love Shorts Shorts^^^

Livid at TopShop

We don't talk about why Topshop is postponing their SoHo launch till March 09. I'm a bit disappointed honestly. Their blaming it on construction delays. if a stadium can be half way built in 1 year then why cant a clothing store be designed, stocked and fully employed in less time?. Ive been waiting for a too long now gosh dammit!

Trend: Driving Gloves

Ive noticed that lately Driving Gloves have been showing up on the hands of our favorite fashionnistas and fashion forward trendsetters. Even though this ultra versatile accessory was 1st introduced years ago but then remastered and presented again on the Fall 07 runway shows, it seems that thier just now catching on "hard body" (as New Yorkers say). Rihanna, Kanye West, Victoria Beckham, and our beloved Karl Lagerfeld have all been spotted with these "im tuff & drive a hot car" gloves on.
*Image provided by (click image for link)

House of Dereon 4 Obama

So House of Dereon launched their "Vote Obama" t-shirt. I'm sure many more designers will do the same...its just the right thing to do in 08 if u ask me; well if u have common sense and don't want 4 more years of the same BULL of course! I personally need one asap!!...not from Dereon though (no shade Beyonce).