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No Man Can Resist This P*ssy

Ummm ok!...?
I kinda sorta live!...not completely though
I wish the ages of you in Boomerang would come back


Couture Is Still Coutouring

For John Galliano's Spring 2009 Couture line the Have-To-Be-Snatched models busted from behind the stained glass back drop with 300 to 400 hour labor intensive, blue & white delft printed, corseted crinoline gowns. Minimalism is no where in this man's vocabulary. It's fine though...even though I would love to see something a tad more original. I mean we all know Galliano is known to be colorful and theatrical so why not surprise us and show case something on the darker side?

Bling Is Over!...

"Bling is over. I call it 'the new modesty'"...
proclaims Karl Lagerfeld at his Chanel couture collection he also stated..."We have no budget, we do what we want and throwing money out the window brings money back in through the front door. The bottom line is that I don’t deal with the bottom line" in regards to having a budget.
He goes off!

Sneak Me In

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I'm ready to go...with my big ass bottle of water and dapper let me know!


So me and my best friend (Edible Eddie) took Jonte's advanced hip-hop class about a week ago and honey!!!...let me tell you it was no joke. I feel somewhat embarrassed to even comment on this considering that I was a chop...well not a complete one! The ography was uber tricky and intricate...just watch and pay close attention to how Jonte's body moves! its absolute stunning in person btw.
..::Im the one wearing yellow in the back::..


1st Day of Classes

So today was my first day of classes since my year long hiatus after Spring of 08 and my day was, to say the least, interesting. My classes were short; consisting of only syllabus delivery and exceptions both from teacher-2-student and vise versa. Mind you I skipped my first class, Accounting, due to me waking up too late (mistake #1). We live and we learn. More likely than anything I'll chop that class. Better safe than sorry.

Lets see what this scholastic year brings for lil ole me!

Lanvin Fall 2009

We're not hiding back stage. The real people who wear our clothes are out here"
Alber Elbaz