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Kanye You Just Keep Digging Deeper

Kanye on "Gays", Blogging, and the Chris Brown & Rihanna situation


Victor Glemaud Fall 2009

"I've worn too much yellow in the winter,"
- Victor Glemaud

Best New Menswear Designer Competition

Six designers attended a cocktail fueled event earlier this week (Wednesday to be exact) in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Menswear Designer (sound familiar? lol). The event, which was held in the ever so posh Rockefeller Plaza, was host to the "who's who" of Men's fashion. Everybody from Tommy Hilfiger, David Lauren to Thom Browne and GQ editor Jim Nelson.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges & announced this Friday (the 20th). The reward you ask? well a sizable cash prize and a capsule collection for Levi's is all included for these menswear designers. Keep posted for the details on who the winner shall be.

The contestants are:

Y-3 Spring 2009

Duckie Brown Fall 2009

"How Duckie can you get?"
- Cox and Silver


In the Closet /w Duckie Brown

One of my good friends was a dresser for the Duckie Brown Fall 2009 fashion show that went on today under the tents & even though the pictures have yet to be posted I can safely tell I'm going to enjoy this seasons collections due to what friend's description of the line & from what I saw in this video.

D&G Fall 2009


Dries Van Noten Fall 2009

"it's interesting to work with restrictions. It makes us more creative."
- Dries Van Noten