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While making my rounds online through magazine websites, misc. sites and blogs I stumbled across this designer and felt intrigued to see more so I followed the link provided and enjoyed the aesthetic that MariaFrancescaPepe provided for her S/S 2009 collection entitled Art-Brut 09. Make sure to get into their previous collections too.
"Those works created from solitude and from pure and authentic creative impulses...are, because of these very facts, more precious than the productions of professions" 
-Jean Debuffet

Photographer: Daniel Sannwald
Stylist: MFP
Model: Zenia Sevastyanova *She Ate BTW*


Eartha Kitt 1927-2008

At the age of 81 many women only dream of doing some of the things that Ms. Eartha Kitt did in her life.Throughout the six decadent decades of her career, Kitt won two Emmys as well as several nominations for Tony and Grammy Awards for her abundant talent in singing, acting, and dancing. I was introduced to Eartha during a very awkard date in wich I was somewhat forced to watch old Batman movies in wich she played Cat Woman; But what really made me realize who she was and how much I enjoyed her purr of a voice was in 1992's Boomerang (Eddie Murphy & Grace Jones were in that movie too *Must-Watch*). Me and my best friend  say "Marcusss Darling....*whisper* I'm not wearing any panties".

And even though 81 sounds like a harsh age, beauty wise, time has treated her face and figure with the up most care and respect.

RIP Ms.Kitt


Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Remember Those Walls I Built?...



Shoe Parade


Metallic Madness

IT'S THE HOLIDAY SEASON! the only other time of year that there are constant, somewhat pointless parties going on, Fashion Weeks is that other time of year;  and I'm sure you've unfortunately seen some tragic excuse for a fashion savvy relative taking the holidays too literal and popping up at events with what seems to be TIN FOIL wrapped in a horrible shape on her body. Well this post hopefully fixes that problem. 

Designers have taken the liberty of providing us with options for those ever so boring holiday office parties and family least you'll be tipping while talking to Frank from accounting or Auntie Joe about her arthritis....YIKES!!!
Nathan Jenden 
Karl Lagerfeld
Jill Stuart
Oscar de la Renta
Derek Lam
Marc Jacobs
Reem Acra
Vivienne Westwood

Origami & the Pursuit of Perfection

This short animation produced by Mobano Origami made me want a pair of Asics

Work That

I can't with the first 2 seconds of the video that's how u know it's going to be an interesting one.
Nonetheless as usual Pharrell pooped out yet another poppin beat and this time it was for the ever so catchy Teriyaki Boys. I was looking forward to seeing Chris Brown considering he layed down vocals for this track but all wishes don't come true.


Fan Me With Bills & Tell Me... WHERE YOUR BOSS AT?

I don't think you understand....Beyonce just went off!!
Things to get into:
1. The last couple of seconds of the video the movement shes giving is a direct decendent of Bagee Cunt Movement
2. Terry Thierry is a fucking mad Genius 
 (I need him to make my b-day outfit ..::3.29.89::..)


Theres Always Beauty...Even During A Recession

Beauties of the original economic down fall in the U.S.A

1. Josephine "The Baker" Baker
2. Jean Harlow
3. Ginger Rogers
4. Barbara Stanwyck
5. Claudette Colbert
6. Myrna Loy