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Yesterday was the official closing of the ever so famous Coney Island. This centuries old amusement park and beach has supplied entertainment for families since 1609 when a man by the name of Henrey Hudson "discovered" it. Coney island was host to the worlds 1st roller coaster and is (technically was) host to the worlds most famous roller coaster, the Cyclone.
What's sad about this monumental park closing is that, its closing due to neglect. The owner, Carol Albert basically gave up on trying to negotiate a new lease months before it was actually expired. Her family has kept this park in the family for almost half a century and now a Co. called Thor Equities owns the property. As with all new (in this case old) open property in our generation, high rise hotels will be built. Bright side is that a new roller coaster is gona be built as well, giving the 75 year old Cyclone a rest; a permanent rest, but a rest nonetheless. That's fine by me that poor ride was falling apart anyway.
Hope everybody had the opportunity to enjoy Coney Island and everything it had to offer at least twice in their life.