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Skin & Eggs

Theres this weird new skin regiment that Ive just gotten into. Its called the Egg White Facial. I first herd of it from a photographer and he instructed me to use it before any major event or a photo shoot to get smaller pores, smooth skin, and a brighter more youthful appearance.

Basically all you have to do is:

1.Crack a few eggs
2.Separate the yolk from the egg white
3.Beat the egg whites until they become foamy
4.Apply generously to face
5.Wait for it to get dry
6.Wash face with warm water (closer to cold)

The website I checked out doesn't recommend that you do this facial often because the skin would end up getting used to the egg and then resulting in it having no effect after a while. Plus is you can use the left overs for a healthy breakfast. Im doing mine right now as I type. Go head and try it you'll love the results...PROMISE!