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Carine Roitfeld to Replace Anna Wintour??

I'm sure you've heard some of the rumors going around about the Vogue editor in chief we’ve all come to love in the past 20 years of her ruthless reign, Ana Wintour. Well if u haven't here it is...

Sources say Ana's contract with Condé Nast is about to expire & considering wilting sales at newsstands + budget cuts all through out the Condé Nast family its only somewhat logical for her to leave a sinking ship. Coincidence would have it that the previous editor, Grace Mirabella, retired at the same exact age that Ana is now. Let's hope that history really doesn't always repeat itself.

Nonetheless, the buzz has it that the possible replacement would be Ana's counterpart Carine Roitfield. When Ana was asked about her alleged retirement plan at the National Book Awards last month she simply responded "just go away". That’s rite Wintour you let them know! Let’s hope and pray that along with a new hopefully awesome president we get a newly appointed queen of fashion in 09.