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My Ego Is Shot

I know I'm kinda late but Ive been debating on what I should say and I had to consult with my best friend on his views as well but finally what I have to say is: 
No shade!, first of all, cuz everybody knows I love me some Beyonce. But she finally put something out that I didn't enjoy. This video literally looks like she found this wall and said "O.K...this wall looks cute lets film "Ego" right here! while I'm on my lunch break; call Ashley and some other girl tell them to learn the ography asap and lets go!...OH! and get me a lot of hair."
Tisk Tisk
It looks cheap, unfinished & uncreative to say the least. Considering Sheryl was the choreographer for this video I would of thought that her original concept would have been kept for some of the video but not throughout the whole thing though. on the plus side the hair looks amazing; I kinda missed Beyonce's huge extravagant hair.